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Scattering Garden - Woodside offers 8 locations to inter cremains including a Scattering Garden. This Garden features a 7 ft. tall gray granite monolith with 3 ft. sides allowing individual name bars with birth and death years placed on the plaque. The patio and walkway up to the memorial is surrounded by a ground cover and the spring season showcases more than 6000 spring bulbs including daffodils and narcissus; whose symbolism of re-birth and new beginnings is quite fitting for this garden setting. We also give the families individual instruction to use our own patented scattering device if they wish.

Cremation Scattering Garden Decoration Policy
Revised January 1, 2006

  • No artificial decoration in ground cover will be permitted at any time.
  • Artificial decorations will be allowed only during November thru April around center monument.
  • A clean-up will occur every Thursday. Any decoration deemed to be unsightly will be removed.
  • No glass or metal containers, or stands are permitted at any time. All Christmas decoration will be removed by March 1st.

If in doubt about any decoration, please consult the cemetery office for information and assistance. Your assistance and cooperation in helping to keep your cemetery beautiful at all times is appreciated.

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