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Facts – Woodside Cemetery was established in 1891 and presently has over 39,600 burials on the grounds. Woodside Cemetery averages 475 to 500 in-ground burials and 350 to 450 cremations annually. There are 135 acres of property with 100 acres of land plotted, developed and currently utilized. Conveniently located between Cincinnati and Dayton OH., Woodside draws burials from many surrounding communities and is fully equipped to handle any type of burial or cremation service. Situated less than a mile from the Great Miami River, the cemetery sits on what was once river bed topography and boasts superior drainage due to a gravel sub-base that starts at four to five feet below ground level. Veterans of all wars, including the Civil War rest in plots designated especially for them.

History - On June 16, 1891 Woodside Cemetery was organized and with the General Corporation laws of the State of Ohio under the style of The Woodside Cemetery Association of Middletown, Butler County, Ohio filed on June 23, 1891 with the office of the Secretary of State at Columbus, Ohio articles of incorporation.

The original tract of land was purchased from Dr. T. A. Dickey and embraced one hundred (100) acres.  The land was originally known as "Winton Farm".   Subsequent purchases of land increased the acreage to one hundred thirty-five (135). There are over fifty (50) acres not yet developed.

The first person to be buried in Woodside Cemetery was George Lawrence on December 31, 1891.  Since that date, more than 39,000 interments have been made.  Many persons prominent in early development of the community have found their last resting place at Woodside Cemetery.  Veterans of all Wars including the Civil War rest in plots designed especially for them.

Postcard c. 1910 The first burial in Woodside Cemetery took place on December 31, 1891. The original cemetery included several lakes that were filled in as the Miami-Erie Canal was filled in. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument is in the center of the picture. It was dedicated December 24, 1902. Paul J. Sorg had passed away before then, and his tomb can be seen on the right.
This photo graph was featured in the November 1915 issue of the “Armco Bulletin.” Amateur photographer H.E. Brooks captured this photo of a peaceful day in one of the ponds at Woodside Cemetery.
The Soldiers and Sailors Monument was constructed in Woodside Cemetery because of a challenge that Paul J. Sorg gave to the people of Middletown. The citizens of this area provided the stone and saved to have the monument constructed, while Sorg agreed to top it with a bronze statue of a Civil War soldier. It was constructed during 1901 and 1902 and was dedicated in December 1902.
Mother and 3 children pose. 1905
In 1957, Middletown was presented the Ten Commandments monument, which was displayed on the City Building property on Central Avenue. Because of people's beliefs in the separation of government and religion, the monument was moved to storage at Holy Trinity Church who hoped to place it on their property. This did not happen and it was taken to Woodside Cemetery & Arboretum, where it is now currently displayed on the Main Ave.
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