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Arboretum - Woodside Cemetery celebrated its 110th anniversary on June 24, 2001. To commemorate this anniversary we underwent the steps to add "Arboretum" to our name. A plaque commemorating this change, along with a box containing maps for visitors can be picked up near the front entrance on the Main Drive.

An arboretum, by Webster's definition, is a place where trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes. Woodside’s Board of Trustees is gratified that students from elementary through college age come to our Arboretum to study science and botany and use the arboretum as a resource. Our Arboretum’s mission is to teach the young and old about the plants and trees that flourish in our area and give individuals an idea of what a mature plant would look like if planted in their own back yard, thus broadening the plant material used in the local community.

Over 2000 trees and shrubs currently exist in Woodside Cemetery and Arboretum and are identified and placed on our individual burial lot Section maps. The original map of Woodside Cemetery, hanging in the office dates back to 1891. The firm of Earnshaw and Punshon Landscape Engineers of Cincinnati, the same engineers who mapped Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, produced this map of Woodside. All the plant material identified on the original map as deciduous and evergreen plants, if currently available in the nursery trade are found today in Woodside Cemetery and Arboretum.
Some 75,000 naturalized bulbs bloom in the Spring and 5 to 10 thousand more are added each year, along with an average of 5,000 pansies and 5,000 annuals, all contributing to making Woodside Cemetery and Arboretum a place of beauty and refuge for many species of birds.
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