Cemetery Lots and Graves
Planning Your Purchase - Many families are caught off guard when there is an unexpected death in the family. At Woodside, as well as most cemeteries, the gravesite and opening and closings fees must be paid 24 hours in advance of the interment to allow our grounds crew time to pre­pare for the burial. For this reason, pre-planning saves grieving and distraught families from making a quick a decision and also can save in financial costs by purchasing at today's market price. When opening and closing fees are paid directly to Woodside we guarantee that the price you pay will be secured and locked in at today's price when it is time to assist your family in the inevitable at-need service. To find a detailed listing of charges please see our Price Schedule.

In-ground Burial - Woodside Cemetery offers 2 distinct types of burial spaces; marker graves and monument burial lots. Cremains (ashes) may also be buried with the required use of an urn-vault.

Marker graves may be purchased individually using a single granite mark­er memorial or a companion two-grave marker lot with side by side graves using a single granite marker memorial centered over the 2 graves. Some sections require flush (grass-level) markers to comply with the layout of that particular section. Upright monuments are not permitted on marker spaces. For more information on marking graves please go to Granite Sales for more information about headstones.

Monument Lots - (upright headstones) are larger in square footage and are located throughout the cemetery and can accommodate 2 burials per single lot. Woodside offers monument lots for 2, 4, 6 and 8 graves.

Planting Cubes (shown to the right) offer lots that have trees and ornamen­tal plantings directly behind the headstones.

Larger Estate Lots are also available and have the option of putting a fami­ly monument centered over the lot with footstones placed at the foot of each grave.

Above Ground Burial - Private above ground cryptoleums may be in­stalled on our 8 grave monument and larger Estate Lots which include en­dowed care and custom landscaping.

Mausoleum - for above ground burials in our Garden Mausoleum see the detailed page listed above

Raised or “Beveled” Marker

Monuments On A “Planting Cube”

Above Ground Cryptoluem For 2 Entombments

Estate Lots Can Be Purchased For Larger Private Family Mausoleums

Most of Woodside's Sections Utilize the Traditional Layout of a Marker Row Between the Monument Lots in even rows from front to back.
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