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Cremation Burial Lots - Woodside offers 2 separate locations of cremation burial lots that hold up to 4 sets of cremains per lot.

This option often works well for families that choose to be cremated and want to be interred in the same location. The cremation burial lots consist of marker lots and monument lots. With the purchase of a monument lot a small upright memorial (traditional headstone) can be placed on the lot. The marker lots allow 1 flush marker to be placed on the lot. See pricing schedule for details.

Cremation Monument - Cremation monument lots are 5’ X 5’ and require a somewhat smaller monument size. Sizing on Cremation Monuments are:

  • Die: 30” (W)) X 6” (Thick) X 20” (H)
  • Base: 40” (L) X 12” (Wide) 6” (Thick)
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