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Mausoleum Niches - The Garden Mausoleum Complex offers a wide variety of choices for cremation inurnment. Buildings B and C contain single niches. Each single niche measures 10.0 W X 11.0 H X 11.0 D and can hold up to (2) sets of cremains. (Building C Right) Building B is a duplicate of C located on the opposite side of the complex. These buildings were designed as singles and space allows for a traditional single sized urn. Two sets of cremains require special attention, please contact our sales associate for more information on size requirements.

Mosaic Wall Niches - Building E holds the beautiful Mosaic Wall Niches. These extra-large niches measure 11.25” W X 11.50” H X 23” and can hold up to (2) sets of cremains with (1) bronze identification plate and can accommodate larger urns. This makes the perfect choice for couples.

Mausoleum Niches - Building F (right) is the newest building in the complex. These niches measure 11.25 W X 11.50 H X 23.0 D and can hold up to (4) sets of cremains with a maximum of (2) bronze identification plates.

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