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Locations for Cremation Ashes - Woodside Cemetery offers a wide range of choices for cremation inurnments. Indoor Niches are located near the front entrance of the cemetery in our newly renovated Cremation Niche Columbarium (above). Our outdoor Garden Mausoleum offers four separate walls for single, companion or family inurnments. Building F (below right) offers extra large niches. The Mosaic Wall (bottom left) holds 2 cremains and our Cremation Fountain Garden (below left) offers a tranquil water setting with seating available at the niches. Single niches are available on Building B and a duplicate wall can be found on Building C (bottom right). A Scattering Garden (bottom of page) is located in a beautiful garden setting with granite benches which offers a bronze name plaque placed on a granite memorial. We also offer cremation burial lots that are marked by traditional granite markers and monuments.

Detailed information on each of these options is available, select the options at the top of the page.

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