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Foundation Information
Monument / Marker Showcase
Foundations - Monument foundation charges are based upon the size of the base and are calculated at $1.10 per sq. in. Woodside’s foundation crew adds a 6” surround to the sides and 6” on the front and back. The minimum size base for a monument is 42” L x 14” W - maximum size is 75% of the width of the lot.

Raised marker foundations are $365.00 and flush marker foundations are $225.00. Infant beveled markers 10” X 20” X 6” are $275.00 Infant flush markers 10” x 20” X 4” are $225.00

For more detailed information and pricing, please click here for our Foundation Brochure (PDF).

Monument Foundations - Monument foundations require a good strong foundation to hold 2000 + lb. monuments. Woodside Cemetery and Arboretum’s grounds crew installs all foundations. The photos above show how deep a foundation must be dug to keep the granite monuments stable through perpetuity.

Bevel Marker Foundation - Beveled Markers are installed onto a prefabricated concrete pad which lies on a 24” bed of crushed limestone. After many years of experience with concrete foundations we have found this to be the most durable and esthetic way to encase a beveled marker.

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