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Monument / Marker Showcase
Monument and Marker Sales - Woodside Cemetery & Arboretum is proud to be affiliated with Cold Spring Granite, one of the largest natural stone manufacturers serving commercial, landscaping, memorialization and residential customers. Denise Hall, Sales Associate & Memorial Designer, will take you through the simple process of designing a memorial for your family. Stop in the main office and into our memorial showroom to look at photos and granite samples or contact Denise to set up an appointment for a meeting to discuss your needs.

Granite Colors - Granite Colors - Choosing the right color of granite for your memorial is a big decision. Our granite supplier offers a color chart to help you choose the perfect color for your memorial.

Rules for Granite Memorials - Woodside Cemetery has 2 basic types of burial lots. Marker lots and Monument Lots. A monument lot must be marked with an “Upright” Monument and a marker lot can only be marked with a marker. A small percentage of our sections only allow a flush marker, check with cemetery staff to learn about your particular section’s requirements. .

Monument Lots - hold 2 or more grave spaces and require an upright stone for marking the graves. Slants are permissible.

  • Woodside Cemetery & Arboretum requires a minimum P3 (polished/sanded 3 sides) front, back and top. Sides may be rock pitched.
  • 8” thick granite die (upright stone) and 8” granite base.
  • The base of the monument cannot be more than 75% of the width of the lot so we do not encroach on adjoining lots when pouring the foundations.
  • All dies 40” - 72” in height must be 10” thick and pinned. All dies over 72” inches in height shall be of a thickness that is consistent with good practice and proper installation by the monument industry.
  • All monolith monuments must be a minimum of 10” thick with .5” radius rolled edges. (A monolith is a tall stone that does not have a base.)
  • Bases may not be P5 (ALL POLISHED) a 2” Polish Margin is acceptable.

Marker Lots / Graves - Woodside offers 2 grave marker lots and single graves throughout the cemetery. Beveled or raised markers are allowed in all sections except Sections: 21,26 and 25 L-M-N-O-P in which a grass level marker must be installed. All raised or beveled markers must have a length of 24” and a width of 12” and have a back height of up to 8”, with 2”-0 X 1”-0 X 0-6” being the norm.

Flush (grass markers) should measure 24” X 12” X 4” with a maximum size of 30” X 18” X 4” for a single grave. For flush markers that are centered over a 2-grave lot the options are 24” X 12” X 4” up to 42” X 18” X 4”.

Vases - Vases for Upright Monuments - Vases on monuments must be made of granite with drainage; (weep hole). No composites, marble, or metal are permitted. Granite vases must be professionally installed by Woodside or a Monument Dealer using epoxy glue with pins/dowels drilled into the base, metal strapping is not permitted.

Vases for Markers - Woodside Cemetery no longer permits above ground vases to be installed on markers. In-ground concrete flush vases are used and available through Woodside Cemetery & Arboretum.

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