General Information
Mausoleum Building Overview
Mausoleum Decoration Policy
Mausoleum Decorating Policy - All Mausoleum decorations must be tagged or marked with the name of the entombed person. If they are not tagged they may be removed. Only one decoration per entombment will be permitted. Glass, metal containers, or stands are not allowed at any time.

Please be considerate and do not cover the bronze name plates of the families that are entombed on the 1st level. Items left blocking a name plate are subject to removal. From May 1st through October 31st, only live decorations will be allowed. Artificial decorations in front of the crypt are allowed November thru April. Christmas decorations will be removed by March 1st.

During the weekly check of the buildings we will remove all dead or dying planters. Please note that Woodside does not water planters; it is up to the family to maintain all living planters. Please do not tape any items on the walls of the mausoleum.

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